About Dionysius

Founded in 2012 by Italian director (INSERT NAME HERE), he saw a lack in the wine industry in the UK market. Wines were either made for mass production or exclusive and out of reach for many. He wanted to create a different wine experience, one that offers unique wines directly from the winemakers themselves. Dionysius Importers provides customers with an experience that will connect and change their lives for the better through fine Italian wines..

Our wines are from small vineyards around Italy. We specialize in bringing you the purest wines as these winemakers use traditional ways to make their wine like handpicking, no use of chemicals, and batching in small productions of bottles. Since founded, Dionysius Importers has expanded into new wine markets in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, France, New Zealand, the USA, and Argentina. We’re proud that we’ve become a leading Italian fine wine specialist in the UK.

Our wine tasting events have been wildly popular in different venues across the UK and now with online live event sessions due to COVID-19. Customers also enjoy our recently opened wine club in North London where we organize private, corporate, and special events. We’d love to create a unique and personal experience for your next event!